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I can't live inside of a dream

Back by popular demand..

Back by popular demand is the
crazysweetness (snowball) [4:00 PM]: why dont we make your story a spoof of everything!
preciousguilt (aztec) [4:00 PM]: No, I'm not!
snowball [4:00 PM]: harry potter meets pirates of the carribean and lestat
snowball [4:01 PM]: and then they party hard with legolas and aragorn
Aztec [4:01 PM]: ::shifty eyes::
snowball [4:01 PM]: and then they go to lana lang's house
snowball [4:01 PM]: and meet big bird
snowball [4:01 PM]: and then they bump into ash ketchum
snowball [4:02 PM]: and then they get attacked by puddies and power rangers come to the rescue
snowball [4:02 PM]: and barney gives them a big hug
snowball [4:02 PM]: and then nick carter sings a song
Aztec [4:02 PM]: lmao
Aztec [4:02 PM]: omg...
snowball [4:02 PM]: doesnt that sound like a bootiful story?
Aztec [4:02 PM]: lmao
snowball [4:02 PM]: i think its the best story
Aztec [4:02 PM]: YOU JUST USED A PUN!
Aztec [4:02 PM]: lol
Aztec [4:02 PM]: "bootiful"..lmao...pirates steal booty...
snowball [4:03 PM]: oh and then anakin skywalker meets lana
snowball [4:03 PM]: and lex is jealous
snowball [4:03 PM]: and lex and anakin fight
snowball [4:03 PM]: and jack sparrow is hitting on hermione
snowball [4:03 PM]: and ron is getting sooo mad
snowball [4:03 PM]: and jack sparrow gives ron a black eye
Aztec [4:04 PM]: Hey...no way will Jack be hitting on Hermione.
snowball [4:04 PM]: and then orlando falls in love with faith green
snowball [4:04 PM]: and mr. calm wolf falls in love with artemis
Aztec [4:05 PM]: How 'bout no.
snowball [4:04 PM]: and then courtney and AJ break up
snowball [4:05 PM]: and AJ jumps off a bridge and kills himself
snowball [4:05 PM]: and brad pitt has a crush on artemis also
snowball [4:05 PM]: so artemis has to choose between calm wolf and brad pitt
snowball [4:06 PM]: and jack sparrow is in love with artemis too
Aztec [4:06 PM]: Oh okay...this sounds better.
snowball [4:06 PM]: cuz artemis is just too irresistable so decision decisions
Aztec [4:06 PM]: lmao
snowball [4:06 PM]: josh hartnett likes artemis too
snowball [4:06 PM]: faith is happy with orlando already. but she is just in awe at so many J guys + brad pitt that are in love with her friend
snowball [4:07 PM]: =-O
Aztec [4:07 PM]: lmao
Aztec [4:07 PM]: J guys!
Aztec [4:07 PM]: lmao
snowball [4:07 PM]: so we are all wondering who artemis will chose
Aztec [4:07 PM]: And...?
snowball [4:08 PM]: chailyn has admirers, sean patrick flannery and hugh jackman are fawning over her while matthew mchonahay (i cant spell that) is heartbroken over her
Aztec [4:08 PM]: I can't either...s'okay.
snowball [4:08 PM]: and then artemis decides that she can be with all the boys
Aztec [4:08 PM]: OMG....WAIT WAIT!
snowball [4:08 PM]: and the boys dont care as long as they get to hang out with artemis
Aztec [4:08 PM]: What about Brad Pitts's wife!?
Aztec [4:08 PM]: Did someone kill her off!?
snowball [4:08 PM]: AJ dragged her down
snowball [4:08 PM]: by mistake
Aztec [4:08 PM]: lmao
Aztec [4:08 PM]: Mistake?
snowball [4:09 PM]: he changed his mind @ the last second
Aztec [4:09 PM]: Yeah....Sounds like something the clumsy loser would do...
snowball [4:09 PM]: he say jennifer standing there and held on to her
snowball [4:09 PM]: but she was too light
snowball [4:09 PM]: and he was too heavy
snowball [4:09 PM]: he saw*
snowball [4:09 PM]: so they both fell
Aztec [4:09 PM]: So...*SPLASH!* and that was the end of that?
snowball [4:09 PM]: and clark kent attempted to rescue jennifer
snowball [4:09 PM]: but AJ was there and AJ is the EVIL GREEN KRYPTONITE!
snowball [4:10 PM]: they drowned
snowball [4:10 PM]: it was so sad *tear*
Aztec [4:10 PM]: Naw, it wasn't.
snowball [4:10 PM]: brad pitt was sad
Aztec [4:10 PM]: Go on...
snowball [4:10 PM]: but then he became happy because artemis kissed him
Aztec [4:10 PM]: SHE DID!?
snowball [4:10 PM]: and artemis is the source of brad pitt's joy
snowball [4:10 PM]: yes she gave him a kiss
Aztec [4:10 PM]: OMG....that little ho...lol
snowball [4:10 PM]: and told him everything would be okay
snowball [4:10 PM]: and then calm wolf and josh hartness grew bitterly jealous
snowball [4:10 PM]: hartnett*
snowball [4:11 PM]: dont even start me on sparrow
snowball [4:11 PM]: he wanted to shoot brad pitt off on a canon
Aztec [4:11 PM]: lmao
Aztec [4:11 PM]: No, no, it's just getting good....start on Jack Sparrow.
snowball [4:11 PM]: but artemis intervened and said "there there boys. theres enough of me for all of you boys so dont be disheartened"
Aztec [4:11 PM]: lol
snowball [4:12 PM]: jack sparrow had a weird habit of calling brad pitt something like "barbossa"
Aztec [4:13 PM]: lol
snowball [4:13 PM]: so artemis has her hordes of J's + brad
snowball [4:13 PM]: faith has her orlando
snowball [4:13 PM]: Chailyn has her hugh, sean, matthew
Aztec [4:13 PM]: But hark! What see I?
Aztec [4:14 PM]: Deva (Skittles) has a plan to seduce Orlando straight from under Faith's nose.
snowball [4:14 PM]: but faith introduced deva to a boy named erik von detten
snowball [4:14 PM]: then deva was content
Aztec [4:14 PM]: No, she wasn't!
Aztec [4:15 PM]: She wanted some Elf/Turner ass too....sooooooo...
snowball [4:15 PM]: just let Faith have Orlando you player!
snowball [4:15 PM]: all those J's and Brad
snowball [4:15 PM]: *hmph!*
Aztec [4:16 PM]: Hey! You're the one writing the story!
snowball [4:16 PM]: and then Colette got to kiss Colin farrell
snowball [4:16 PM]: and faith was so nice
snowball [4:16 PM]: she introduced deva to nick carter and brian littrell
snowball [4:16 PM]: and she got more loving from them
Aztec [4:16 PM]: Colette = Bridget
Aztec [4:16 PM]: lmao
snowball [4:16 PM]: although artemis had her eye on them
snowball [4:17 PM]: nick and brian were shifty eyed as well
Aztec [4:17 PM]: "Shifty eyed"?
Aztec [4:17 PM]: Oh this is too much..
snowball [4:17 PM]: wait its getting good
Aztec [4:17 PM]: ::grabs popcorn and flops down on bean bag chair::
Aztec [4:18 PM]: ::watches intently::
snowball [4:17 PM]: so artemis and deva have a little "chat" about their 2 backstreet boyfriends
snowball [4:18 PM]: faith has so many friends so she brought over this man named kevin richardson
Aztec [4:18 PM]: lmao
snowball [4:19 PM]: he seemed dangerously attracted to artemis
snowball [4:19 PM]: deva was getting a little jealous
snowball [4:19 PM]: deva sighed and nick professed his love for deva
Aztec [4:19 PM]: Uh oh...
snowball [4:19 PM]: brian went to artemis
Aztec [4:19 PM]: Whoo hoo!
snowball [4:19 PM]: even though deva was furious because brian was her palanca
Aztec [4:19 PM]: Artemis kicks ass ....lol
Aztec [4:19 PM]: Or rather...GETS ass...tee-hee...
snowball [4:19 PM]: yes of course
snowball [4:19 PM]: but they had a sweetly sorrowful parting

Aztec [4:20 PM]: Bittersweet, you mean.
snowball [4:20 PM]: this guy named sephiroth
snowball [4:20 PM]: was obsessed with nara
snowball [4:20 PM]: but nara was a rapist
Aztec [4:20 PM]: lol
snowball [4:21 PM]: nara wanted to rape artemis' boys
snowball [4:21 PM]: and deprive them of their nonexistant innocense
snowball [4:21 PM]: innocence*
Aztec [4:21 PM]: lol
snowball [4:21 PM]: bridget was attempting to calm down nara
Aztec [4:21 PM]: Through lots of loving, but to no avail.
snowball [4:21 PM]: but sadly with no luck
snowball [4:21 PM]: the rest of the crew did not know what to do with nara
snowball [4:22 PM]: so harry potter cast a spell "octalus behavus"
Aztec [4:22 PM]: lol
snowball [4:22 PM]: and nara was more behaved but everyone started to miss the old nara
Aztec [4:22 PM]: Aw, sadness.
snowball [4:22 PM]: but one day nara disappeared
Aztec [4:22 PM]: NOOOOOO!!! ::in slow motion::
snowball [4:22 PM]: none of the crew knew of her whereabouts
snowball [4:23 PM]: and then one day a piratey looking man came
snowball [4:23 PM]: who had an eery resemblace to sparrow
snowball [4:23 PM]: he said his name was zack pharrow
snowball [4:23 PM]: the twin brother of jack sparrow
Aztec [4:23 PM]: Huh!?
snowball [4:23 PM]: and that he had ran off with nara to middle earth
snowball [4:24 PM]: and then he left just like that
Aztec [4:24 PM]: Then...his name is Zack Sparrow...not Zack Pharrow..lol
snowball [4:24 PM]: jack sparrow was in shock too
snowball [4:24 PM]: *zack sparrow
snowball [4:24 PM]: he had no clue he had a twin brother
snowball [4:24 PM]: and his mommy and daddy were long gone
snowball [4:24 PM]: he felt a new sense of kindred
Aztec [4:25 PM]: And wanted to go to Middle Earth too?
snowball [4:25 PM]: and he was depressed for a couple days and artemis attempted to console him
snowball [4:25 PM]: "i never really knew my parents"
snowball [4:25 PM]: "arrr i never knew i got a brother"
snowball [4:26 PM]: "look sweetheart, i'm going to go to middleearth to pay them a visit. you dont go anywhere sparrow will be right back, savvy?"
snowball [4:26 PM]: and then artemis gazed at her handsome lover as he held onto fawkes the phoenix's tail feathers
snowball [4:26 PM]: and away he went
snowball [4:27 PM]: and then everybody died and the story ends
Aztec [4:27 PM]: Hey!
Aztec [4:27 PM]: That ending sucked.
Aztec [4:27 PM]: That really bites.
snowball [4:27 PM]: i'm just kidding
Aztec [4:27 PM]: lol
snowball [4:27 PM]: i'm still thinking
Aztec [4:27 PM]: Oh okay....I know!
Aztec [4:27 PM]: Jack returns.
snowball [4:28 PM]: yes and he wanted to tell everybody that nara and his brother were doing wonderful and had many children and were busy
snowball [4:28 PM]: so the whole crew...
Aztec [4:28 PM]: Already!?
Aztec [4:28 PM]: Wow...they wasted no time.
snowball [4:28 PM]: artemis and her lovers: josh hartnett, calm wolf, brad pitt, jack sparrow, kevin richardson, and brain littrell
Aztec [4:28 PM]: Wait wait! Tengo una pregunta!
snowball [4:29 PM]: faith and orlando, deva and erik von detten, nick carter
snowball [4:29 PM]: chaliynn and sean, hugh, matt
Aztec [4:29 PM]: Were they on the Crimson Wraith or on the Black Pearl?
snowball [4:29 PM]: bridget and colin farrell and pierce brosnan's younger brother
Aztec [4:29 PM]: lol
snowball [4:29 PM]: they were all on the Scarlet Pearl
Aztec [4:29 PM]: lol
Aztec [4:29 PM]: Okay....nice compromise.
snowball [4:30 PM]: so the whole crew continues sailing
snowball [4:30 PM]: oh wait
snowball [4:30 PM]: harry, hermione, sirius, oliver wood
Aztec [4:30 PM]: While simultaneously taking shifts so that they have time to screw like bunnies.
snowball [4:30 PM]: and a few others....
Aztec [4:30 PM]: lmao
snowball [4:30 PM]: yes
snowball [4:30 PM]: so they reach the night island
snowball [4:30 PM]: and they party on
snowball [4:31 PM]: and then faith discovers that she has a very rich friend
snowball [4:31 PM]: one of her ex boyfriends
Aztec [4:31 PM]: Uh oh.
snowball [4:31 PM]: his name was prince william although he used to be good ol' willie
Aztec [4:31 PM]: "Good ol' Wille?"
Aztec [4:31 PM]: OMG...
snowball [4:31 PM]: he lets everybody stay at the palace
snowball [4:31 PM]: but the crew runs amock
snowball [4:32 PM]: and chailynn and bridget were desperately trying to seduce the guards
Aztec [4:32 PM]: Ooh wait...what happened to Harry, Ron, Hermione, Sirius, and Oliver?
snowball [4:32 PM]: the big red suits and fluffy black hats were so attractive
Aztec [4:32 PM]: OMG...it's just like a cheesy romance novel!
Aztec [4:32 PM]: lol
snowball [4:33 PM]: ron and hermione got married
snowball [4:33 PM]: harry was the best man
snowball [4:33 PM]: but harry has no girl
Aztec [4:33 PM]: Yay!
snowball [4:33 PM]: he is depressed
snowball [4:33 PM]: BUt
Aztec [4:33 PM]: What about Maeve?
Aztec [4:33 PM]: (Y'know, Court?)
snowball [4:33 PM]: he falls in love with luna lovegood
Aztec [4:33 PM]: Heeeeey...I like that..
snowball [4:33 PM]: oh dear how can i forget about maeve. the last time we talkjed about her, she broke up with AJ and AJ committed suicide
snowball [4:34 PM]: well maeve was a wreck
snowball [4:34 PM]: she went into seclusion and decided not to talk to her friend
Aztec [4:34 PM]: lol
snowball [4:34 PM]: friends*
snowball [4:34 PM]: she cant believe her friends were right the whole time
Aztec [4:34 PM]: Damnm skippy.
Aztec [4:34 PM]: damn*
snowball [4:34 PM]: maeve keeps to herself
snowball [4:34 PM]: she becomes cynical
Aztec [4:34 PM]: What about Sora Rickman?
snowball [4:34 PM]: she rarely converses happily with anyone else
Aztec [4:34 PM]: lol
Aztec [4:34 PM]: (Lauren)
snowball [4:34 PM]: sora and snape are busssy
Aztec [4:35 PM]: lol
snowball [4:35 PM]: we almost never know where they are
Aztec [4:35 PM]: Note: the several s's..lol
snowball [4:35 PM]: they're almost making mad monkey love
snowball [4:35 PM]: the crew is disgusted by it
Aztec [4:35 PM]: ...in many different places...
snowball [4:35 PM]: so they let them run around
snowball [4:36 PM]: the last place they had monkey love was the bermuda triangle
Aztec [4:36 PM]: ...like in the beds, on the floor, in the bathtubs...
snowball [4:36 PM]: and snape lost his trousers
Aztec [4:36 PM]: Ooops.
snowball [4:36 PM]: so snapey had to walk around. bottom naked
snowball [4:36 PM]: and not too surprising,
snowball [4:36 PM]: nobody offerred clothes to him
Aztec [4:36 PM]: lol
snowball [4:36 PM]: they were too surprised at how well endowed he was
snowball [4:37 PM]: he wasnt metatron anymore
snowball [4:37 PM]: he was sick of it
Aztec [4:37 PM]: "Well endowed"?
Aztec [4:37 PM]: lmao
snowball [4:37 PM]: people kept calling him metatron
snowball [4:37 PM]: and teasing him about his nonexistant goods
snowball [4:37 PM]: when sora knows otherwise
snowball [4:38 PM]: and then dobby falls in love with winky
snowball [4:38 PM]: and they have litto elve kids
snowball [4:38 PM]: elf*
snowball [4:38 PM]: there is a lava figure of gollum
snowball [4:38 PM]: mount doom is dormant
snowball [4:38 PM]: and the lava has dried around gollum
Aztec [4:39 PM]: Wait...wait!
Aztec [4:39 PM]: What about Emmeline?
Aztec [4:39 PM]: (Shagster)
snowball [4:39 PM]: shagster's inn y
snowball [4:39 PM]: in ny*
snowball [4:39 PM]: she is aka the w.w.e. queen and major attracter of guys over there
snowball [4:40 PM]: she got seasick too much
snowball [4:40 PM]: and then........
snowball [4:41 PM]: i dont know how it ends
Aztec [4:41 PM]: Umm...lemme see...
snowball [4:41 PM]: the scarlet pearl keeps sailing and sailing
snowball [4:41 PM]: and then they reach atlantis
Aztec [4:41 PM]: ...and the crew keeps on screwing and screwing...
snowball [4:41 PM]: and they all live a happy life on atlantis
Aztec [4:41 PM]: Oh really?
snowball [4:41 PM]: yea
Aztec [4:42 PM]: You sure??
snowball [4:42 PM]: yea they are happy on atlantis!
Aztec [4:42 PM]: I dun think Bridget would give up on Jack Sparrow though.
snowball [4:42 PM]: and they all know how to apparate and disapparate
Aztec [4:42 PM]: There should be a cat fight.
snowball [4:42 PM]: she did
snowball [4:42 PM]: there was a shocking realization
snowball [4:42 PM]: bridget is jack sparrow's daughter
snowball [4:42 PM]: it was so dreadul
Aztec [4:42 PM]: OMG...!
snowball [4:42 PM]: the day she found out
snowball [4:42 PM]: she was just in shock
snowball [4:43 PM]: it turned out
Aztec [4:43 PM]: Eww...she had a thing for her dad....::shudders::..thas' so sick...
snowball [4:43 PM]: that sparrow had a little shindig in china
snowball [4:43 PM]: so artemis is her aunt
Aztec [4:43 PM]: Umm...but how!?
snowball [4:44 PM]: i mean mom
Aztec [4:44 PM]: Did she marry all of them!?
snowball [4:44 PM]: artemis married sparrow and the rest were her "male mistresses"
snowball [4:44 PM]: "misters"
snowball [4:44 PM]: or.. "masters"
Aztec [4:44 PM]: Oh okay....hey...what if there be some rivalry there?
Aztec [4:44 PM]: We should do that!
snowball [4:45 PM]: there were too glazed by artemis' beauty and love
snowball [4:45 PM]: they didnt even fight
snowball [4:45 PM]: as long as they got some of her
snowball [4:45 PM]: they were happily content :)
Aztec [4:45 PM]: No, no, no, that's not fun. All the "misters/masters" of everybody should be jealous of each other.
Aztec [4:45 PM]: 'Tis only fitting.
snowball [4:45 PM]: although artemis did have a weakness for calm wolf......
snowball [4:45 PM]: sparrow was very bitter toward wolfie
snowball [4:46 PM]: but wolfie would just start mooning sparrow and traumatize him
Aztec [4:46 PM]: lol
Aztec [4:46 PM]: Yeah, sounds like something Neo'd do.
snowball [4:46 PM]: and then wolfie threatened to put whipped cream in sparrow's long hair
Aztec [4:46 PM]: Gasp!
snowball [4:47 PM]: so sparrow backed off cuz he wanted to smell good for artemis
Aztec [4:47 PM]: Chu know it!
snowball [4:47 PM]: faith was having a complex though
Aztec [4:47 PM]: Oh noooooo..
snowball [4:47 PM]: she couldnt decide whether she liked legolas or will turner better
snowball [4:47 PM]: so she had a compromise
Aztec [4:47 PM]: lol
snowball [4:47 PM]: legolas with brown eyes, long blonde hair, and is an elf-pirate
Aztec [4:48 PM]: Oh..okay..that works.
snowball [4:48 PM]: and thats what her orlando was. an elf-pirate
Aztec [4:48 PM]: lol
snowball [4:48 PM]: but orlando gave up his immortality
Aztec [4:48 PM]: ....for the mortal girl!
Aztec [4:48 PM]: Oh...so tragic.
snowball [4:48 PM]: yes
snowball [4:48 PM]: it is tragiv
snowball [4:48 PM]: tragic*
snowball [4:48 PM]: but faith is faithful
Aztec [4:49 PM]: (Ah...got 14 minutes left so hurry it up!)
Aztec [4:49 PM]: lol
snowball [4:49 PM]: so......
snowball [4:49 PM]: well all die and partay on in heaven!!!!!!!!!
snowball [4:49 PM]: alisha
snowball [4:49 PM]: help me think of an ending
Aztec [4:49 PM]: Ummm...okay so we on the night island right?
Aztec [4:49 PM]: Wait...no...oh well..we can go back
Aztec [4:50 PM]: So the crew goes back.
Aztec [4:50 PM]: Ah...we finish this tomorrow...I g2g!
Aztec [4:50 PM]: Ack...
snowball [4:50 PM]: okay
snowball [4:51 PM]: orlando and faith get married
Aztec [4:51 PM]: sadness...
snowball [4:51 PM]: hugh and chaliynn
snowball [4:51 PM]: chaliyn*
Aztec [4:51 PM]: get married.
snowball [4:51 PM]: harry and luna, hermione and ron, jennifer and zack sparrow
Aztec [4:51 PM]: All couples have dozens of kids
snowball [4:51 PM]: the kids are the cutest kids ever
snowball [4:52 PM]: and then a terminatrix is sent
snowball [4:52 PM]: and then everybody goes to the future
snowball [4:52 PM]: and then biff tannen is mean to them
Aztec [4:52 PM]: 'Coz it's just easier.
Aztec [4:52 PM]: lol
snowball [4:52 PM]: and then artemis seeks revenge
Aztec [4:52 PM]: Wait...why she seekin' revenge?
snowball [4:52 PM]: ybarra
Aztec [4:53 PM]: Oh...right..lmao
snowball [4:53 PM]: she encountered ybarra
snowball [4:53 PM]: and ybarra was all lonely and everybody abandoned her
Aztec [4:53 PM]: Who WAS the TX.
Aztec [4:53 PM]: No, j/k.
Aztec [4:53 PM]: Valdez WAS the TX.
snowball [4:53 PM]: yea
Aztec [4:53 PM]: Couldn't think fo herself at all.
snowball [4:53 PM]: they programmed her
snowball [4:54 PM]: she a robot the whole time
Aztec [4:54 PM]: Yup.
snowball [4:54 PM]: ybarra was desperately begging artemis to welcome her
snowball [4:54 PM]: she had no money and no food and artemis was all living large with her hunky boys
snowball [4:54 PM]: but artemis laughed in ybarra's face and then disapparated
Aztec [4:55 PM]: back to the night island where Jack and her misters/masters and crew were.
snowball [4:55 PM]: right
snowball [4:55 PM]: i dont knowwhat happens
Aztec [4:55 PM]: ....and they lived happily ever after.
Aztec [4:55 PM]: Sorta.
snowball [4:55 PM]: yea the end
Aztec [4:55 PM]: Kinda.
Aztec [4:55 PM]: Well....except for Maeve of course.
Aztec [4:55 PM]: HAHA!
snowball [4:55 PM]: and the foxy vixens were all happy
snowball [4:55 PM]: maeve is still in seclusion
snowball [4:56 PM]: and there are increasinly more little laurens and snapes
Aztec [4:56 PM]: LOL
snowball [4:56 PM]: there has never been a hornier crew
Aztec [4:56 PM]: Nope.
snowball [4:56 PM]: calm wolf is enough horniness already
Aztec [4:56 PM]: And there never will be.
Aztec [4:56 PM]: lol
snowball [4:57 PM]: he was caught making love to a wall
snowball [4:57 PM]: and artemis felt very hurt
Aztec [4:57 PM]: No, he wasn't!
snowball [4:57 PM]: "Fine you like the wall more than me? :( "
Aztec [4:57 PM]: lmao
snowball [4:57 PM]: and then calm wolf and artemis were gone for the rest of the night
Aztec [4:57 PM]: ::falls over laughing, the popcorn forgotten::
snowball [4:57 PM]: none of the crew bothered them
snowball [4:57 PM]: i think calm wolf wanted to prove that artemis was much more worthy then the wall
snowball [4:58 PM]: sparrow put whipped cream in wolfie's hair though
snowball [4:58 PM]: and his hair was so stinky that artemis shaved his hair off
Aztec [4:59 PM]: So Artemis just waited for it to grow back before their next little rendezvous.
Aztec [4:59 PM]: lol
Aztec [4:59 PM]: ...and THEN they lived happily ever after.
Aztec [4:59 PM]: THE END!
snowball [4:59 PM]: yes
snowball [4:59 PM]: happily screwy after
Aztec [4:59 PM]: yup. Or rather, just because I thought you could all use a good laugh. A little back story on this before you get down to laughing your asses off, Co-Captain Snowball and I randomly did this one day, last month (or was it the month before last month..eh, can't 'memmer..) as a sort of spoof on this story/fanfic that I'm writing and it became so hilarious that I decided to post it up on my lj. I got several comments from friends and others saying how they thought it was the funniest thing since the infamous Very Secret Diaries of the Lord of the Rings. Well, it's become a sort of..thing..now and so I'm currently busy working on a more developed version of the story. It'll probably become more serious, but, never fear, there'll be more corrupt, sexual humor and content than you can shake a stick at. lol The inside joke of the J's pertains to my interesting habit of either falling for or attracting guys whose names start with the letter "J"...Johnny Depp (Jack Sparrow, 'course), Josh Hartnett, this other guy my friends and I know named Josh who is atraeu, yet another guy (really a man over 20 I''m guessing..) named Josh who works at the orthopedic center I go to for me knee and back (did I explain that part already before?)...it's really quite intriguing. The last two people (The TX and Ybarra) mentioned at the end are frienemies (ex-friends), who no longer exist in me mind, but what can you do. If you want to know the names of the people...
Artemis Black=Yours truly
Faith Green=Co-Captain Snowball (crazysweetness)
Chailyn Jackman=Me mate Elise
Deva=Friend Skittles/Tiffany (spazzyskittles)
Bridget Butler=Friend Colette/Mouse
Nara Li=Friend Jennifer
Sora Rickman=Buddy Lauren
Emmeline=Shagster/Denise ([Bad username: Emmeline Sparrow])

(a.k.a. Black Spade)
and Snowball!!!!

x-posted ever'where...gaaaaah...

P.S. Aztec you owe my for always posting your entries for you cuz your comp is screwy. J/k I love you -crazysweetness
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